Every serving of Nogürt has 5 billion units (CFU) of 4 different strains of specially blended probiotics to support your health. The vegan probiotic cultures in Nogürt include equal parts Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Lactobacillus casei and Lactobacillus rhamnosus. All our strains of microflora are dairy, wheat, gluten and soy free. And like all of the ingredients in Nogürt, our probiotics are also parve kosher certified.

While you may know that probiotics are good for you, you may not know why. Scientists have found that upwards of 85 percent of your immune system is provided by a healthy digestive tract colonized with the right microflora. What this means is there are or should be trillions of friendly bacteria, like the ones in Nogürt, living on your intestinal walls helping protect you from harmful germs, viruses and toxic foods.

These friendly bacteria help destroy harmful bacteria and viruses inside your digestive tract before these attackers can enter your blood stream and make you sick. These same helpful microflora produce many enzymes (and vitamins) which help digest your food. Without these friendly bacteria, the human body would not be able to digest certain foods, as we do not naturally produce many of the enzymes necessary to digest the foods we eat. Even more fascinating, without these helpful bacteria on your intestinal walls, bad bacteria would colonize your digestive tract and compromise your immune system.

The good news is eating Nogürt and other foods or supplements with the right friendly bacterial strains can help re-colonize your digestive tract with friendly bacteria. That translates to better health and better digestion of the foods you eat. So take care of your health and eat a cup of Nogürt knowing it is helping you stay healthy.